Important notice regarding COVID-19

Our safety with regard to Covid-19

Dental practice Transparant is also very strict on hygiene protocols under normal circumstances. The practice is therefore also a place where treatment is carried out in a safe environment. In addition to our regular hygiene protocols, we take extra measures:

In addition, we only treat patients who

We will also advise patients who are at increased risk of infection (due to age or the existence of one or more medical conditions) to adhere to the policy to stay indoors as much as possible and to limit dental visits to urgent treatments. We will discuss with you exactly whether we can treat you when we contact you by phone about your appointment. If we cannot treat you in practice, we will refer you to a special Corona Acute Oral Care location.

Finally, some extra tips

When your appointment with us takes place again, you would like to draw your attention to the following instructions:
Do not arrive too early for your appointment, preferably only a few minutes before the start;
Only come to the practice, if strictly necessary, a maximum of 1 parent or supervisor is allowed;
Follow the hygiene instructions in the practice of the staff;