Important notice regarding COVID-19

We resume care again!

After a few weeks in which we have only done emergency treatments, we are ready to resume regular oral care in a responsible and safe manner. Despite the “one and a half meter society” it is very important that we continue your oral care again, precisely to ensure that we stay ahead of problems. We would like to inform you with this letter about our safety measures and some special changes that we will make to ensure your safety and health.

Changes for your safety; “The new normal”

There will be a special change for your and our safety. Because a “new normal” will also be necessary in dental practice. Treatments will resume as of April 28, with:

Why do we do this? Because we can maintain a greater distance in this way and we are sure that you do not have to share the waiting room with anyone else. This change also allows us to make the opening hours more flexible and extend them to 20:30 in the evening. This way we create extra capacity to be able to do all delayed treatments. All our patients who have an appointment in practice, or who have had an appointment in the past period, will be called the next week to confirm the appointment time and location.

Our security measures

Under normal circumstances, dental practice Transparent is already very strict on hygiene protocols. Practice is therefore also a place where treatment takes place in a safe environment. In an earlier letter, we already announced that in addition to our regular hygiene protocols, we are taking extra measures for you and our safety. That means that:

In addition, we only treat patients who have

We will also advise patients for whom there is an increased risk of infection (due to age or the existence of one or more medical conditions) to adhere to the policy of staying indoors as much as possible and to limit the dental visit to urgent treatments. We will discuss with you exactly if we can treat you when we contact you by telephone about your appointment. If we cannot treat you in practice, we will refer you to a special Corona Acute Oral care location.

Finally, some additional instructions

When your appointment goes through with us again, you want to point out the following instructions:
Do not arrive early for your appointment, preferably only a few minutes before the start
Only come to the practice, if strictly necessary, max. 1 parent or supervisor is allowed
Follow the hygiene instructions in the practice of the staff


We understand that you may still have many questions, we have listed some common questions

– Can you just treat everyone again and how do you determine who can and cannot come?
We can do almost all treatments again, but unfortunately not just for everyone. It may be that you fall into a risk group, so we cannot receive you in practice. That is why a clear series of questions has been formulated in the “Oral Care Guide Corona” to determine whether it is wise to visit the practice. We call this “triage”. All patients are called prior to the appointment to go through these questions together. If after this questionnaire it appears that your appointment cannot be canceled, it will be canceled free of charge.

– If I am ill or have been recently, can my children come for treatment?
If you are or have been ill yourself, we will postpone the treatment for all family members for at least two weeks. If there is a pain complaint, please call the practice, we can see how we can best help you.

– If I have a cold from hay fever, can I come?
At the moment, we are still postponing treatments for everyone who suffers from respiratory complaints, including when this could be caused by hay fever.

– Can I come with the whole family for a check-up?
You can come to an appointment with the whole family as usual. We will make sure that the treatment room is ready and the whole family can immediately enter the treatment room, so that we will not be in the waiting room with too many people.

– How do I get to IJburg / Zeeburgereiland?
You can find both our practices via the roadmap below. The route can also be found on our website The two practices are about 15 minutes cycling apart.