KNMT certified

KNMT dental clinic inspection: working towards excellent dental care

Excellent dental care is paramount in our dental clinic. This is why the Royal Dutch Society for the Promotion of Dentistry has inspected this dental clinic to confirm the high quality of our care. The KNMT collaborates with the NVM dental hygienists (Dutch Association of Dental Hygienists) for the inspection of dental hygienists.

Specially trained dentists, and dental hygienists if applicable, examine the dental clinic during an inspection.

They inspect:

After an inspection, a dental clinic receives an evaluation report and recommendations. This report assists a clinic in continuing to improve the quality it offers. If you visit a dental clinic with the KNMT inspection logo, you know you are at a dental clinic where quality is paramount!

After a successful inspection, there is also a certificate issued. This certificate states the date of when the inspection occurred and the names of the dentists or dental hygienists who completed the inspection.

knmt gevisiteerd